Here we have Janie Lennon as a teenager getting her portrait taken - just look at the length of her lovely long hair. Later on in years Janie would marry and have a famous son.
This building on High Street was once the Lough Neagh Hotel, then became Enketell's a furniture store,and next to it is the Ulster Bank. Now in it's place we have the First Trust Bank.
This photograph was taken in 1957 at Lamonts factory which was down in Riverside. Standing we have Mildred Jackson, Margaret Kyles, Lila Jamison and Edith Blair. In front are Ethel McKee, Anne Badger, Marie Campbell, Anne Knox, Doreen Hamill and Irene McCaig. Marie Campbell and Anne Knox used to touch up the Damask Linen while the men did the block printing on the Linen.
When they had no painting to do they would do the sewing on the tea towels and Hand and Bath towels, they also wrapped the towels up in paper as well.
L.O.L. 389 1613
This is L.O.L.389 from Dunadry getting their photgraph taken in front of the building which was owned by the Patterson family and where the lodge held their meetings. At the back the man in the middle wearing an eyepatch is Jimmy Dace, on the left in the middle row is Robert Patterson and at the far right of the row is Billy Adair. The year it was taken is unknown and so are the rest of the men and boys, this building was behind the Halt at Dunadry.
These people are waiting for the Wallace boats to come back in so they can go for a trip out on Lough Neagh which was a popular pastime in the 1930's.
The local man who is having his photograph taken is unknown.
Up an alley off Castle Street we have Sam Scott tuning up his bagpipes in 1966.
Behind Sam waiting patiently in a Mini car is another member of the band.
This is Loan Ends United Football Club back in 1956 getting their photograph taken before the start of a match.
Standing are Drew Johnson, Reginald Johnson, Tommy Tweedie, Harry Price, Billy Beck and Eddie Cunningham.
Kneeling we have Unknown, Master Vance, Master Vance, Ronnie McQuillan, Jackie Brown and Archie McVeigh.
This smiling bunch of lads and lassies belonged to Loan Ends Youth Club in 1956.
At the back we have Rev Derek Allen (deceased), Herbert Nutt, Roy Thompson, Hubert White, Netta Scott, Norman White, Alastair McCourt, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Hubert Rankin and Wilbert Rankin. The three girls in the middle are May White, Molly Price and Margaret White.
At the front are Leslie Rankin, Davy McCartney, Mrs Alice Allen (who now lives in Ottawa), Wilson Kirkpatrick with his hands full, Lily Law & Jim White.
This is Ladyhill Primary School class of 1956 and you will see quite a few familiar faces and they still have their dolls with them.
Why are the boys always at the back? - anyway here we go (from left) Samuel Hall, Bobby Wylie, Sammy Warwick, James Irwin, Donald Ranton, Kenneth McKelvin, William Fleming and Albert Ranton. Next the girls Sarah Mary Armour, Lucy Matchett and her doll , Josephine Fleming, Kay Carson, Josephine McMackin, Mary McKelvin, Chris McKelvin, Margaret Warwick, Unknown, Margaret Lowry and Miss Crawford. In the front row are Aileen Wilson, Ann Montgomery, Unknown, Mary Montgomery, June Ireland and her doll, Unknown, Betty Millar, Florence Hall, Ann Newell and her doll, Elizabeth Perry, Audrey Cameron, Pamela Heath, Ann Simpson, Wilma Carson and her doll, Eleanor McMackin, Jane Montgomery, Hilda McCullough, Betty and Evelyn Hill with their dolls, Unknown and Robin Hill. Seated o n the ground we have James Adair, William Hall, Unknown, William Murphy, Sydney Armstrong, Master Matchett, Brian Wilson, Robert McCullough, George Heath, Andrew Wilson, Master Matchett, Unknown, Unknown and Unknown.
This was taken during a storm on the shores of Lough Neagh in 1953 and in the distance you can see the structure from where they tested the torpedoes.
This view of Lough Neagh is from the Sixmilewater River and the dot you can see in the distance is Water Bailiff's boat.
This is Francis and his big brother Johnny Madden down at the Lough Shore. Johnny seem to have been enjoying himself by looking at his face while his younger brother does not look too happy. Yes his brother! for back then we boys had to wear dresses.
Walking out to bat for the ladies Ulster Cricket team on the 2nd August 1947 we have Betty Love and Essie Graham.
Here we have at Ladyhill National School the class of 1932 and their teacher is Miss Allen.
Starting at the back on the left are William Stirling, James Simpson, Andrew Armour, Jean Sterling, Elizabeth Craid, Agnes Bonar, May Burke, Anna Wallace, John Bell, John Murphy and James Stirling. The next row has John Craig, William Simpson, John McDowell, Rita Anderson, Anna Rea,
Jean Wilson, Rachel Burke, Andrew Carson, Samuel Ward and Edgar Wallace. Seated we have John Wallace, Fred Wilson, Herbert Curlis, Martha Stirling, Elsie Alexander, May Cameron, Hanna Ward, Peggy McGrath, Sidney Carson, Joe Bonar and William Cameron. Once again seated but lower are
James Coulter, Unknown, Annie Owens Coulter, Jean Wallace, Samuel Owens, Joan Stirling, Marie Currie, Annie Craig, Esther Burke and Pricilla Wilson.
Seated on the ground is Nellie Manson, Peggy Currie, Elsie McGrath and Barbra Wilson.
These proud ladies are the Ulster Ladies Cricket XL of 1947.
Now I only know of three in the photograph who came from the Antrim area and they are centre back row Betty Love.
Front row far right is Essie Graham and Lilly Kelly who is amongst the team.
These are the pupils of Loan End's Primary school getting their photo taken in 1954.
At the back we have Stanley McQuillan, Bobby Porter, John Calvert, John Taylor, William Devlin, Davy Wallace, Nelson McDowell, Ian McMaster, Ivan Crooks, Trevor Calvert and John Logan. The Headmaster Mr. Logan is next then Robert Wallace, Unknown, Lewis Porter, Master Berwick,
Sammy Calvert, Joe Goudy, Sammy Johnston, Master Buick, Ian Scott, Unknown, Ian Scott, Unknown, William McDowell, John McQuillan and the teacher who is unknown. Now it's the girls turn, Margaret Wallace. Miss Kirker, Unknown, Nessie Faulkner, Rene Scott, Margaret Scott, Unknown, Wilma McMaster, Wilma Faulkner, Unknown, June Price, Ruby Cunningham, Unknown, Jean Dowdy, Eleanor Johnston and Miss Wallace. Seated are, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Elizabeth Wallace and Unknown. Right in front are Davy Keller, Nigel Brown, Thomas Faulkner, Unknown, Unknown, John Taylor, Derek McQuillan and Roy Kirkpatrick.
This is the 1957 class of Lawther Primary School taken in the school yard.
Up at the back are Michael Barnes, Ivan Higgins, Dennis Hunter, Samuel Wilson, Craig McCombe, Malcolm Ashe, Malcolm George, Raymond Higgins, Leslie Bell, George Wells, Unknown, Samuel Gray, Unknown, Brian Barnes. Jim Rainey, Unknown, Alexander Goodrich, Jonathan Williamson, Andrew Wilson, Norman Hunter Mervyn Doole and Unknown. Standing are Mrs. Ginn (Teacher), Miss Bill (Teacher), Ronnie Maybin, Ronnie Steele, Samuel Wilson, Leonard Wilson, Wilson Steele, William Elliott, John Goodrich, David Higgins, Edmond McMullan, Neil Falloon, Nicholl McQuillan, Robert Wasson, Alistair McQuillan, Raymond Doole, Bobby Elliott, Jim Millar, John McQuillan and Mr. Ginn (Headmaster). Seated are Marie Millar, Isobel Spence, Wilma Kinnen, Jennifer George, Madeline Craig, Ann Millar, Mary Wells, Katherine Gray, Joy Millar, Jenny Wasson, Rosalind McCombe, Celia Kirkpatrick, Olwyn Higgins, Fianna Graham, Mavis Wilson, Ann Campbell, Eleanor Millar, Edith Spence, Jacqueline Wallace and Margaret Steele. On the ground we have Unknown, Master Barnes, Valerie Doole, Irene Back, Miss Millar, Unknown, Unknown, Adrian Goodrich, Unknown, Unknown, Master Baird, Norman Bell, Pamela Doole, Unknown, Eleanor Craig, John Craig, Unknown, Unknown, Francis Wells, Unknown, Philip Hunter, Mervyn Williamson and Brian Fallon.
Taken in 1942 along by the Lough Shore we have May Stewart with her then
boyfriend who is long gone and forgotten!!
These children getting their photograph taken in 1925 belong to Lawther Public Elementary School.
Right at the back are Unknown, Tom Steele, Arty Kirkpatrick, David Craig, Norman Annesley and George Francey.
The next row has Martha Kirkpatrick, Miss Milligan, Maggie Steele, Kate McQuillen, Miss Robinson Ida McQuillan and Unknown.
Following row includes Jean McCormick, Margaret Burns, Nesta Steele, Sadie Forsythe, Agnes Milligan, Jemina Morrow, Jack Morrow and James Crossey.
Finally at the front we have Kate McCormick, Muriel McCormick, Samuel Steele, Audrey Francey, Hugh Worthington, Jean Worthington, Unknown, Gordon Morrow and William Orston.
This is John Boyd in 1953 standing at the top of the R.A.F. observation tower.
In the background is the Sixmilewater river and a boat at the Cutts area.
Smiling faces all around from the pupils and staff of Loan Ends Primary School in 1954.
Starting at the back on the left are Sam McClurkin, Jean Fisher (Teacher), Ronnie McQuillan, Ian McMaster, Nelson McDowell, John Taylor, William Devlin, Davy Wallace, John McQuillan, Robert Wallace, William Porter, John McMillan, John Calvert, Unknown, Stanley McQuillan, Trevor Calvert, Ian Scott, Edward Logan (Headmaster) and his son John Logan.
Next the row of girls are Ann Devlin, Unknown, Margaret Scott, Miss Woods, Eleanor Johnston, Unknown, Nessie Faulkner, Ruby Cunningham, May Goudy, Renee Scott, Patricia Nichollson, Unknown, Ruby Irvin, Unknown,Unkown, Miss Wallace, Sarah Taylor and Helen Logan (Headmaster's daughter)
Seated we have Norman Kirkpatrick, Unknown, Unkown, Unknown, Unkown, Unkown, Unkown, Unkown, Linda Kirkpatrick, Hanna Taylor, Miss Woods, Miss Woods and Unknown.
Seated on the ground are David McGregor, Unknown, Davy Taylor, Derek McQuillan, Nigel Brown, Thomas Faulkner, Raymond Nicholson, Unknown, Roy Kirkpatrick, Unknown and Unknown.
This peaceful scene shows Antrim fishermen mending their nets under the watchful gaze of local children in the middle years of the 20th century.This was taken at one of the many tributaries between Antrim and Toome that flow into the Lough Neagh.
This is Lylehill Boys Brigade in their smart uniforms getting their photograph taken in 1960.
In the back row from the left are George Johnston, George Fleming, Harper Ashcroft, Tommy Cuming, Willie Rea, Norman Irwin and Unknown.
2nd row has Noel Rea, Reggie Johnswton, Stanley Coulter, Drew Johnston and Rex Cuming.
The next row has Michael Olden, Billy Parkes, Brian Williamson, Sammy Lindsay, Cecil Cuming and Jimmy Jones.
At the front are Jim Olden , Ivan Hoey (Captain), Unknown (Inspection Officer) and Reverend James Hughes of Lylehill Presbyterian Church.
These are the gardens at Loughanmore in 1900 and someone is enjoying them seated on the garden seat.
The card is stamped Templepatrick, 1.15pm, 8th September 1900.
To: Mr. Willie Smyth, The Cottage, Woodburn, C.Fregus. Reads: Love from Edith.
Looking very industrious these men were building the boat to take out tourists.The only man known is to the right and he is called Gordon Elder. The year is unknown.
The landing stage with two boats being cleaned and decked out with bunting.
A boy sits on the landing stage watching all that's going on.The year is unknown.
These three ladies having their portrait taken look very stern indeed, but there is a reason for that for back then you had to stay very still because of the long
tine it took to take the photograph.
On the left we have Catherine Maria McComb nee Graham, Mary Scott nee Graham and finally Maria Scott nee Scott.
The photograph by the way was taken in 1889 making it over 100 years old!
These boys are sitting on the remains of an RAF launch in 1957 that was used to drag targets out into Lough Neagh for the planes to practice shooting at during World War Two. Like so many things at the time, their significance was not recognized and they have long gone. The young lad on the left has not been identified, but his young friend is John Boyd.
Here we have a family enjoying a day trip to the Lough Shore in Antrim in 1952. Included are Mary, John, Derek and Harry Boyd, along with their cousins Anna, Ethel and Florence Hamilton and their uncle Fred who were on holiday from Tyrone.
The group is actually sitting in the shadow of an RAF observation tower
This is the view from the R.A.F. observation tower in 1952.
Remember this was before they lowered the Lough and is now the car park.
We are here at Lylehill Primary Education School for the annual school photograph in the mid 1940's.
At the back in the 6th row from the left the little girl half hidden is unknown, then Bill McKay, Cecil Cummings, Francis Coulter, Rex Cummings,
Noel Rea, George Watt, Drew Johnston and Sammy Lindsay.
In the 5th row we have Miss Best Teacher, Margaret Hall, Desmond Hall, Ivor McKay, Alex McBride, Harper Ashcroft, Jim Coulter, Sam Carlisle, Maureen McCrea, Unknown and Ben Hoey the Headmaster.
The 4th row has Unknown, Unknown, Mable Barron, Mavis McKay, Elsie Walker, Miss Patterson (her father was minister at Lylehill Presbyterian), Noreen Johnston, Hester Crawford, Ann Charlton, May Lindsay and Johnny McCrea.
Now the 3rd row starts with Sammy Barron wearing his wellies, then Billy Richie, Maureen Watt, Miss Moore, Unknown, Elizabeth Hoey, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Arthur Ogilby and Master Ogilby.
Looking unhappy at the start of the 2nd row is Billy Parkes, Neilly McBride, Francis Calvert, Unknown, Hugh McBurney, Brian Williamson & Unknown.
Kneeling on the rug in the 1st row are Matt Walker, Master Watt, Minnie McBurney, Unknown, Unknown, Kathleen Walker, Ester Parkes and Barry Rea.
Here in September 1960 we have three generations Standing at the back is Beatrice Langtry looking down at her mother-in-law Irene Langtry nursing her son Paul Langtry.
Beatrice had come to show Irene at her home at 29 Wellington Gardens - Donaghadee Road - Bangor how big Paul had grown.
This aerial photograph shows the landing stages jutting out into the Sixmilewater River at the Cutts.
There is a boat in the middle of the river which could be heading to one of the landing stages or going on up river to the Torpedo factory. Also to be seen is the old Massereene Golf course just beyond the golf course to your right you can see the R.A.F. observation tower used to watch the planes practicing their bombing out on the Lough.
This photograph taken from a plane show in the top left hand corner Lough Neagh.
Then as we come to the houses in the middle which is Firfields, moving on to the right
is the Sixmilewater River and the ruins of Antrim Castle. After that you can see the Deerpark bridge,
the Clotworthy stables and then the army camp.
This shot shows the Massereene Golf course, part of Fairfields estate,the the Lough shore Road
and finally Lough Neagh.
My thanks to Brenda Liddy for giving me more of the 'Unknown's' proper names which helps to bring the photograph alive.