How many remember the good old Flamingo Ballroom were one would dance the night away and who better to dance to than Jim Reeve's.
This was June 1693 and Jim Reeve's was topping the charts and to see him live was a dream come true especially for the two girls in the front of Jim. So Sammy Barr,who was the host at the Flamigo hired a piano tuner with a respected reputation to give the upright on the Flamingo's stage an overhaul the day before Jim was due to appear before a packed audience. Gentleman Jim was so delighted at the sound the piano produced that he went out of his way to thank Sammy publicly before his encore that famous night at the Flamingo. So pleasing to Reeves' ear was this instrument that Jim wanted to borrow it for the remainder of his tour, which included a hall at the end of the prom in Portstewart and St Columb's Hall in Londonderry, where the piano was great anyway and where the young priest was Father Daly, in later life Bishop Edward Daly.
His biggest performance of all that year of 1963 was in the Ulster Hall.

Standing outside this shop called Robinson Brothers which was in William Street next to Broughshane Street is William Swann with his hands on David and Sarah. Standing next to them is James with Tommy and behind them the man is unknown.
Over to the right is a oval shaped sign advertising Van Hutton's Coco which came from Holland.