Parked at the back of the Fire Station in Castle Street is Ballymena's first petrol driven in Fire Engine in 1934 and everyone is so proud to have it.
Standing in the fire engine from the left are A. Montgomery, W. Griffith, C. Irwin, W. Cairns and J. Cathcart the driver.
Standing in front of the fire engine from the left are J. Forsythe. D. Wilson. H. O'Neill and C. Forsythe who was the Town Foreman and the Chief Fire Officer.
J. Forsythe who is holding in his right hand a piece of equiptment that opens or closes the flow of water, while in his left this piece allows two hoses to be connected to it.
By the way all the Firemen were Council Workers.
This is a sight you don't see very often at the Flamingo, not a person in sight over to the right is where the girls sat and the boys on the left. When you got up to go and ask a girl for a dance the ballroom seemed a mile wide and when you got there your heart was pounding hoping that she would say yes when you asked her. There was also a seated balcony and a Milk bar.
This is what you have waited for all week to get on the dance floor with a girl or a boy in your arms. It looks like the band on stage could be Frankie McBride and the Polka dots. There was milk bar where you could get milk shakes, lemonade of all different tastes but best of all was Sammy Barr's hotdogs they were lengendary. It's said that when the Dixies Showband arrived up from Cork their first request was " Sammy Barr's hotdogs please."
In 1960 the Flamingo Ballroom opened and here are the lads standing outside waiting to go in for hopefully a dance with the girl of their dreams. The flamingo always got the stars to appear here. As you can see the poster shows that the ' Rocking Berries on the 24th April and on the 30th April it was the Seekers'. When the Flamingo closed 20 years later it was used as a Church Hall for the Wellington Street Presbyterian Church and a Youth Club on a Saturday Night a great place to meet up.
People couldn't belive it when this poster went up outside the Flamingo Ballroom, the Rolling Stones are coming to Ballymena !!
This is the Cossacks showband back in 1965 at the Flamingo Ballroom and in 1964 they played here with the Rolling Stones the headliners.
The Flamingo Ballroom did not serve alcohol instead they had a Milk Bar.
Yes they're here in 1964 at the Flamingo ballroom in Ballymena the Stones and here in the Milk bar we have Bill Wyman and Mick Jagger. Now the policeman behind Mick is looking at him and wondering " Is he going to give me his autograph or should I be checking his bottle of lemonade for alcohol ".