This is the Rev.McJury's son who was the Commanding Officer at the time fixing his Shamrock to his beret on St.Patrick's Day at the Ballymena Showgrounds in 1962.
Here in 1942 in a field off the Magherlane Road we have the children of the McKillen Family.
On the left is Betty followed by smiling sister Margaret and finally their brother Neilus.
This beautiful portrait photograph is of Katherine McIllwee then aged 17, Katherine was born 1897 when Queen Victoria was 60.
It's the 1950's and here standing outside the shop is on the left Archie Fetridge and his assistant Tommy Stockman. The A in the shop sign is Andrew Archie's uncle who sadly died in the late 40's. The sign below it J.H. Denham is the man who Andrew served his apprenticeship with in the hardware trade. Apparently there was'nt anything they did'nt have in the shop, there was a saying " You could get anything from a needle to a ship's anchor." They also sold Shotgun and Fishing licenses. Now Tommy Stockman was a famous Lay Preacher and he had the uncanny abilty to translate the Good Book into proper Ballymena english so the local people might understand the scriptures. He was very famous for telling the story of Jonah . "After being swallowed by the whale the whale went up onto a beach at a place just like Portrush and went oooogh !" explosive sound effect from Tommy and he continued " And oot walked wee Jonah ! " This man remembers when he was an apprentice and was sent to sent to Archie's for a tin of black and white striped paint, not aware of what was going on I asked for the money which was duly given. When I told Archie what the joker wanted he said did he give you any money? yes I said. Archie said give it to me and he handed me a tin of black and a tin of white paint. Now says Archie go back and tell him to stripe it himself ! That was Archie.
This is Rosemary McAulty aged 17 from Chichester Park is repairing a broken end on a wet spinning frame. Rosemary is wearing a black apron to protect her skirt and she is in her bare feet because this is a wet room.