This is the Esler family back when families were very close out for the day in 1953.
Right at the back we have Gerry then from the left are Rosin, Katherine, Johnny, Kerien, Tommy, Mary, Paddy, Vincent, Dennis and Terry.
This photograph is of the Canadian Pacific Liner 'Empress of England' and was a postcard.
The liner was in service with the Canadian Pacific between 1957 and 1970. The card was posted to a couple in Ballymena at 10 pm in Quebec 1960.
Written on the back was the following " Tuesday 24th. We are within sight of land after being in the Gulf of St Lawerence and only 3 days of open ocean. We have had a grand calm voyage there being no sea sickness with anyone. Jimmie
They were lucky for in November 1965 the RMS Empress of England was involved in a collision with a Norwegian tanker in the St. Lawrence estuary on the 8th november 1965. The liner was damaged but there were no casualties.
This is Barny Erwin who had one bad eye holding the shaft of his cart which has a mattress and sacks full of things. He was always seen out and about the streets and a very respectable to everyone, as you can see in this photo he even took of f his cap for the camera.
Then there was another man called Herm Grahm who sold herrings and the children used to run after him shouting "Herrings alive fresh and stinking, come to the cart and see them winking " and he would get real mad at them.