This is Jim Stevenson anotheer one of Hugh and Maggie Stevenson's children from Belfast.
Jim got married to Jean in Belfast where they adopted the little girl in hs arms call Elza. Jim became a school teacher and then they emigrated to Canada.
Now the ironic thing is that Elza eventually came back to Belfast and got married so is now Elza Margrain.
How many remember these good old sturdy prams and before the baby was born the pram stayed at the shop as it was bad luck to bring it home.
Anyway Joan and baby Elza seem to be having a great time out in the open enjoying the fresh air.

This is Dorothy Orme (nee) Stevenson back in 1938 one of Hugh and Maggie Stevenson's children., Dorothy when she was younger she decided to emigrate to Australia just for adventure of it. But little did she know that love was on that ship, for it was on board she met her husband William Leonard Orme and they got married. Dorothy went on to have two daughters of which we know nothing about. Later on in her life as she could be possibly a little stubborn she took ill and would not let a doctor see her and sadly Dorothy passed away.
This is John Hamilton Stevenson who was born 7th August 1882 at Killymuck, Kilrea. He was apprenticed to William Clark and Sons who were in the Linen business at Upperlands about two miles from the family farm. So John had to walk the two miles to work in the wind, rain and snow. He worked hard for he later became a manger for Ross and Bowl of Ballymena and then managing director for David Waugh and Sons in Ligoniel Belfast.Finally he began his own business which he named J.H.Stevenson Ltd producing linen at Bain's Place Belfast. John was a sucessful manufacturer and exporter of his linen for many years until he went home on the 14th January 1964 aged 82.