It's 1914 and World War One is raging in Europe and thousands of soldiers on both sides are being shot. Blown up, maimed, drowned in the shell holes they have slipped
into, to be sucked down into the mud and some left with shell shock and some of the officers don't believe them and they are shot for cowardice in a land that is more shaped like Hell. And yet day after day they still went over the top knowing they could be killed, such brave men.
Well back to the men parading down Queen's Street in Belfast this is a recruitment parade the only real soldiers there are the officers at the front and the band in the middle.
These men have all volunteered join up, yes that's right Volunteered for in Northern Ireland there was no conscription so if you didn't want to go you didn't have to. Men came from the South of Ireland which was neutral and volunteered because they belived in the cause.
But they did in their thousands and sadly thousands didn't come back.