It's the 16th of April 1949 and I'm sure these two are knackered for they have right to the top of the Cave Hill, which was and still is quite a climb. But back then it was a great past time and I'm proud to say I've been there too. This is Tom Pollard and his wife Betty Pollard (nee) Stevenson with a berry in her hand. The post they are leaning against is the Old Boundary post, Belfast. It is one of two old parliamentary boundary posts on McArt's Fort, Cave Hill, Belfast (the other is a little further South. The inscription on the plate reads " Parliamentary and Municipal Boundary of Belfast Duncairn Division Clifton Ward 1918 "
Now if we get any summer this year you young ones should walk up there it is a fantastic view of not only the Belfast Lough but Belfast itself.
Gazing happily at his bride's wedding ring as they sit in the wedding car is Lewis Porter on the 7th November 1964.
Lewis can't belive that such a beautiful girl as Marie Mussen would say yes and is now at his side as his bride.
Their bridesmaid by the way was Sadie Ramsey.