This is Rasharkin National school pupils with their headmaster and teacher around 1910 - 1912
The following memories are by James Stewart.
The leftmost girl in the back, next to the teacher is my Aunt Mary Ann. About the end of WW 2 she married Jas. McKeown, who owned a terrace house at (if I remember right) 23 Castle St., Antrim. From about 1946 I would go by train once or twice a year from Monkstown Halt to Antrim and stay with them for a week or ten days at a time. The house was the usual "kitchen house" with a kitchen cum sitting room on the ground floor and a cold water scullery behind, plus two tiny bedrooms upstairs. But unlike the adjoining houses it had a large third bedroom, located over an entry-way to the Massareene Estate. Mr. McKeown had a key to the entry door and I believe on very rare occasions would open the big door for Estate people.As a lad, I had free access to the entire estate and wandered without let or hindrance. I never saw a soul there. I would visit the pets' graveyard near the ornamental ponds, climb the spiral path to the top of the mound (only in recent years did I learn that this was a Norman motte and bailey construction)
and ponder the burnt out shell of the "castle".