15 minutes from Letterkenny in the beautiful County Donegal , you will find the ancient Doon Well. Doon Well was established by a Lector O’Friel who is reputed to have lived in the Fahans area and had remarkable curative powers. When the locals asked him what they would do once he was gone from them, his answer was the creation of Doon Well. According to tradition, he was supposed to have fasted for 18 days and on each of these days he walked from Fahans to Doon a distance of some four miles. On the 18th day he blessed the well promising that if the people believed in the holy water then they would receive the same cures and blessings that he had imparted to them. According to local tradition it was a Fr. Gallagher in the 1880’s who blessed the well and he is still prayed for as part of the turas. Two large vigils are held here, one on New Year’s Eve and the second on May Eve. There are many items of evidence of the healing-power of this well, to be seen at the well, the collection consists of bandages, cloth, medals, rosary beads and many other items. Many pilgrims have claimed to have been healed and gained great peace of mind after a visit to this Holy Well in Kilmacrennan, County Donegal.
In the photograph at the left hand corner some have brought refreshments with them for it was back then roughly a 200 yards uphill climb now sadly they have it all tarmaced. Beside the two men and the little boy you can see the cloths, bandages and other items for the healing properties to help their loved ones. Over at the well the people are crowded round praying with quite a lot on their knees, behind them too are more people on Mass Rock.