Here we are down South at Dun Loaghaire harbour and at one of the berths is the Mail boat.
As it was a postcard on the back was the following: To Mrs Winnie McCord, Ballyquillan, Aldergrove, Co. Antrim. " How's the form are you still in
Antrim Food Office. I remember the time I used to work there. We are having a good Time here, We have got a big sea here and a sky and some
sun. I must tell you about my wee coloured boys when I get back. We have have a lot of wee boats in the bay here and abig one further out
with a case of small cases on it. Betty. "
It was posted in Dun Loaghaire 9.15pm on the 22nd July 1947.

The title of this postcard sums it all up and I bet they would if they were let loose. Now what makes this postcard different from the others is you can
see that the middle of the photograph seems to have been cut. Well it has it you were to lift the flap about six small paper photos taken of around
Dun Laoghaire would fall out attached together in concertina style, so you could put back and close the flap.
On the back was written: To Miss Winnie McCord, Ballyquillan, Aldergrove, Co, Antrim. Hope you aren't missing us too badly !
The weather has improved and we are enjoying every minute of it. Betty and I have a lot to relate when we get back next Monday L Beth.

It was posted at Dun Loaghaire 10am on the 24 July 1947.