Top Left: In the doorway, Mrs.Florence McDowell when she retired who wrote two books Other Days Around Me and Roses and Rainbows.
Back Row: Miss Hogg., A.Moore, Wilson, Andrew, Unknown, Andrew, Unknown, Unknown, E.Patterson and Unknown.
Third Row: Headmaster M.James Logan, A.Moore, J.Agnew, L.Hogg, Unknown, Unknown, A.Moore, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, T.Bingham, Unknown and Teacher Miss Houston.
2nd Row: R.Moore, T.Bingham, Unknown, Turkington, G.Moore, Unknown, C.Wilson, T.Todd, B.Montogomery, E.Turkington and R.Andrew.
1st Row: Hedley, Rober McConnell, C.Patterson, Moore, J.McDowell, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, N. Percy, Unknown, R.Millar, Unknown, Unknown and B.Todd.
Front Row: N.Turkington, Unknown, I.Todd, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, B.Turkington and J.Turkington.
Footnote: As you can see some of the boys have no shoes so to make it fair when playing fooball at lunchtime the headmaster made the boys with shoes take them off !

Can you imagine getting up at 5am then walking in your bare feet in all weathers to be at work for 6am, then during the day two 30 minute meal breaks which did you until 6pm. Well back in 1920 you did this Monday to Friday and on Saturday till 1pm. The work was hard and as you can see they had to watch out for the moving machinery while working. In this department the spinning process had to be kept damp and although the women were wearing aprons they soon became soaked through with lifting the bobbins out of troughs of cold water and also the reason for being in their bare feet. The two men in the background one in a white coat are strangely in their bare feet also, not a usual sight. Children worked here also from the age of 5 lifting up the rubbish from below the machines and sometimes they got caught and died. Later the young workers only did half a day the other spent at school.
Just look at the women in foreground old and worn out long before their time but still managing to raise a smile.